by Edward E. Langenau

Justice prevails in this historical novel of adventure and romance during the 1870's. Jacques Flareau, the market hunter's son, leaves his pioneer village and becomes an ax-wielding lumberjack in a northwoods logging camp where he bonds with buddies who help transform him into a wealthy timber baron. His childhood sweetheart, Sally Wilton, runs away from home after being abused and works as a reluctant prostitute in a notorious boomtown saloon. When an ague epidemic ravages her hometown, she returns home to help victims of the disease. These two young people are reunited, share their love at a secret cove, and seal their commitment in marriage. Just when they have the chance to bankrupt the evil man who tainted Sally, something else happens to satisfy her uncontrollable urge for revenge.

ISBN 9780974066202
305 pages

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