by Vijay Eswaran

In the Sphere of Silence by Vijay Eswaran is a self-help book aimed at spreading a quiet and contemplative message to readers about success and a lifetime of learning. The author, Vijay Eswaran, attributes the lessons in the book to his success, personally and professionally. Eswaran is the CEO and Group Managing Director of QI, Ltd, a multi-national corporation that has grown into a $700 mn conglomerate in the short span of 8 years with interests in a range of businesses including leisure and travel, telecommunications, numismatics, jewellery and luxury watches.

The book focuses on a simple method dubbed the “Sphere of Silence” which is a practical tool that helps one make positive changes in one’s life through reflection, self-assessment, knowledge and goal setting. It is a simple one hour process that derives its concept from ancient philosophy and wisdom and is customized to suit the day to day practicality of modern life.

Many of us have vague notions of what we want to do, but very few of us set targets which are realistic, and do what it takes to meet them. The Sphere of Silence is a tool which gives us the ability to address our goals and do much more, by showing us a way to go down to the fundamentals of our self.

ISBN 9789719264729
221 pages

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