Survival Against the Odds

by Spiros Sideris

I held my daughter's lifeless body in my arms for two agonizing days.

I buried her with my own two hands and a few days later witnessed the most incredible miracle. God brought her back as He did his son.

This is one of the many miracles I have experienced in my life. You will learn why, in 1979, I kidnapped my 24 month old daughter from her uncaring and wanton mother in Greece. We came to this country illegally and became fugitives chased by the FBI in a place where we did not speak the language. We were surrounded by strangers, mostly mean and hypocritical, and only a few genuinely good. We lived in cemeteries, under bridges and ate out of trash cans to survive.

I am not a writer; I have been a construction worker for 25 years in the United States. Back in my country I was a movie mechanic, but because fate had written our destiny we had to follow it to the end. My daughter and I have lived what could be called a miraculous life. We fought life and death together. I invite you to read my story and share my feelings during these astonishing events--the pain and the joy, the questioning of my faith, and my ultimate affirmation of God's presence and love in our live

ISBN 9780615131672
360 pages

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