by Susan C. Anthony

Teach spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and language skills with less effort and more success! Would you like to teach the nitty-gritty details of language and writing easily and effectively in just 15-20 minutes a day so that your students' first draft writing improves? The Dictation Resource Book contains a wealth of resources for using the Spelling Plus 1000 word core list as a starting point for teaching capitalization, punctuation, and many other language skills, using sentence dictation as the vehicle. As students master the mechanics of writing, less time will be needed for editing and more time will be available for creativity!
This reproducible book contains:

Step-by-step instructions for planning, leading and grading dictation so that maximum benefit is obtained for a minimum investment of time.
An activity designed to set high standards for written work early in the school year.
Capitalization and punctuation rules along with lists of easy-to-spell proper nouns for teaching capitalization through dictation.
Common prefixes and suffixes and the Spelling Plus core words to which they can be added, for teaching word-building through dictation.
Parts of speech for each of the Spelling Plus core words and suggestions for teaching grammar through dictation.
Word histories for each of the Spelling Plus core words.

ISBN 9781879478213
91 pages

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