by Bea Toberman

"This particular evening, as I sat at the kitchen table with my cookbooks, I happened to glance up through the window. To my surprise, I noticed the distant headlights of a car coming down the country road toward our house—then another, and another, and another. We were so isolated that this was very unusual. Why were so many cars coming our way? Was there something wrong at the Hayworths'? I alerted Tom. With these cars seeming on a destination of some kind and the headlights multiplying, what was wrong? Did someone need help? This had never happened before. With no telephone or any other kind of communication, we would have no way to know. Anything. The cars kept coming."

As a new family in a sleepy small town, we would experience these and other mysteries. Up the Creek in Eureka is the story of our family's northwestern adventure nearly a half century ago.

ISBN 9781935089681
156 pages

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