An Inspiring Story of Selfless Courage and Life-Changing Determination

by Lowell Teal

"Fortunes Crossing" is an inspirational narrative promoting personal values of faith, charity and self-discipline. Chet, a young businessman suffering from a terminal illness, devotes the last year of his life to "dying with class" and to helping Gus, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. Chet guides Gus in fulfilling his own purpose in life by helping and giving unselfishly to others, so becoming a productive member of society. The problems these two men face and the courage and mutual support with which they face them convey a powerful message: that the path to self-fulfillment is found, in large part, through helping others to find their way as well.

"Fortunes Crossing" is the second of Lowell Teal's Bath Pond Books.

ISBN 9781886939745
234 pages

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