by Rory Leon

Rory Leon presents an enticing short story compilation of bold characters and thought-provoking stories of passion and intoxication eroticism to seduce both men and women.

Rory Leon is a professional African-American male in his early forties. He is a native of Detroit, MI but currently resides in the Norfolk, VA area.

His writing has captivated a multitude of fans. With all-new characters and settings, these stories are tailored to many--also perfect for lovers to share.

Rory Leon gives readers the best time they've ever had between the pages of a book. KLP is without a doubt pleasurable from beginning to end; this collected works brings together twenty five provocative stories, Kubuki Love Scope, Kubuki Poetry, Kubuki Puzzle, and Kubuki Recipes.

ISBN 9780615382852
252 pages

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