by Randall Broad and June Grushka-Rosen, M.Ed.

It’s an Extraordinary Life is the story of a man who not only lives as if he has cancer—he actually does. Instead of fighting his illness, Randall Broad has embraced his cancer, choosing to live with it and to let it remind you how to make life extraordinary. Rather than write about cancer, he has compiled stories about what he has learned in life and business, and he offers those to you as guides to enjoy and create extraordinary lives for yourself.

Readers will learn:

-why you should live everyday as if you have cancer
-the importance of learning from those who know
-how to build a business by finding your niche and following your passion
-the importance of not “Missing It”
-why you always need to pay yourself first
-that miracles really do happen
-adversity is just another step to your goals
-how to sell yourself in all situations
-and finally, how to make each day yet another in an Extraordinary Life

It’s an Extraordinary Life is filled with personal stories, issues relevant to today, fables, poems, and mastery questions to guide you on your journey. After reading this book, you too will live each day as if you have cancer, savoring life to its fullest with few, if any, regrets.

ISBN 9781935586098
182 pages

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