What Mom & Dad Didn't Know They Were Teaching You

by Monty C. Ritchings

Had enough of pain, suffering , poverty and confusion? Now you can let go of the trauma, strife and stress of everyday life. Re-create your life by learning the secret to releasing the messages that your parent unknowingly gave you. Change the rules that are not working for you, and recreate them with love.

Join us, as we share a friendly chat about embracing the blend of lessons from our ancestors, family of origin, and our present family. Learn, from the safety of your armchair, that life can be everything you want it to be.

This book is for those who recognize the need to get a better understanding of the rules of life so they can live better. It is for people who understand that life is a work in progress. Like a garden that needs daily attention and nurturing, you are worth the effort.

ISBN 9780978189136
256 pages

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