by Richmond & Deborah Caldwell

Our dream is to aid you in the restoration of your relationships. Do you have a strained relationship with a co-worker, friend or family member? Changing Your Heart will help you in every relationship in your life and give you the tools you need to create an atmosphere of trust, honesty and well being. Not only will you attract harmony, peace and joy, you will be able to give harmony, peace and joy to others because your heart has changed. Would you like to change your heart in order to change the hearts of your children? We feel that most of life’s hurts would be resolved early on in life by implementing the ingredients found in Changing Your Heart. Are you tired of existing alone in your relationships? You were not created to be alone especially in your marriage relationship. Do you know how to rekindle and enhance your relationship? We are here to give you ideas on ways that you can do this.

ISBN 9781890427627
160 pages

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