by Sarah Collins Honenberger

Aging cowboy Rhue Hogan can't remember falling off the wild mare, but the leg cast and burial of his best friend are enough to send him back to New York City to find the son he's never met. Meanwhile, as Rhue rides the train east, his son, 40 year-old Ford Hogan invites Evie Newton, a young woman he barely knows, to travel to New England to explore his Puritan roots on his mother's side. As Ford and Rhue chase their private demons, a midget psychic, two juvenile delinquents, a boy fisherman, and a cynical detective come to the rescue. Entranced by a desire to love and be loved, but scared of commitment, both father and son dance around the possibility of redemption until they discover that heartfelt words have the bower to build bridges.

ISBN 9780979020568
248 pages

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