How Values-Driven Choices Change Lives

by Robert J. Turley

The author, Robert Turley, offers young people a thoughtful, well-documented, and understandable source of information on values-based decision-making in today's distracting and troubled world. In The Choices Are Yours, young people will discover:

Their Lives are the Products of Their Own Decisions
The Right Decisions are Based on the Right Values
The Sources of Moral, Ethical and Social Values
The Sources and Need for Family Values
The Sources of American Political Values and the Rule of Law
The Sources of American Economic Values
The Power of Faith and the Truth about Love
The Tensions Between Culture and Countercultures
What They Should Know about Equality, Equal Rights and Community Responsibilities
Differences Among Learning, Common Sense and Wisdom
Standards by which to Measure Themselves

ISBN 9781568250625
201 pages

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