by Linda Cargill

Everyone was convulsed by the Planes Operation on 9/11. No one heard about the Black Stone Plot. It was to take place on the very same day September 11, 2001. It failed the first time around. The key co-conspirator escaped the collapse of the Twin Towers. He's back at it and ready to try again. The time could be a year away or one second from now. The clock is ticking . . .

Madeline Anthony-Pratt is no different from you or me except that she just found out about the plot. She does something very innocent. She climbs over the wall to her neighbor's house one night to retrieve her cat. Intruders appear. She hides in the shadows. They whisper in a foreign tongue and hold out a Pepsi can with black crud on it. They light a match.

This Pepsi can looks like an IED that her brother, Wyatt, wrote about in his emails from Iraq. She's in Tucson, not Baghdad or Baquoba! Why are they trying to blow up her neighbor's house tonight?

The men aren't telling as the match gets closer to the wick . . . What Madeline doesn't know will hurt her the most. This is no ordinary plot. It's bigger than 9/11 and far more devastating. The Black Stone Plot has been two thousand years in the making.

ISBN 9780979890406
435 pages

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