by Diane Baumann-Corrado

Maybe you’ve seen Christopher Guest’s movie spoof “Best in Show.” Well, now, here’s the real thing—a book about show dogs and their owners--with a coloring book and CD too! Diane Baumann-Corrado has written a wonderful children’s book called “Show Dog” with kid-friendly drawings of many pedigree show dogs by Janet Perlow.

Children are introduced to the world of show dogs from the cute Chinese Crested to the elegant Afghan Hound to the “mop-like” Komondor. Children can identify different types of dogs by sight and by name while learning a fact about the dog itself. This is a good book for children who love animals and may want to work with animals. Janet Perlow’s illustrations capture the friendliness of many different breeds. These scenes are a delight!

The book is accompanied by a CD with a catchy song also called “Show Dog” co-written by Diane Baumann-Corrado and Mark Eisemann and sung by Corrado. The sheet music for the song is included in the book so that children and their parents may sing along to fun lines like “Now the housekeeping suffered but we never cared ‘cause it’s only a few nose prints and a little more hair!” The song is simple and catchy enough that those who play instruments may also play along.

The book “Show Dog” works on many learning and creative levels. Children learn about the different types of show dogs, the lifestyle of the show dog owner, playing and listening to music, and learning a fact about each breed that is illustrated.

There is also a “Show Dog” coloring book which features the same drawings as are in the book, but the spaces are left blank so the children may color them in. Choosing colors for the dogs is another way for children to enter the world of show dogs and express their own creativeness.

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