A-Z of Global Warming, The

by Simon Rosser

The phrase global warming is a term that has been in common usage for some time and usually refers to recent warming of Earth’s atmosphere, which also implies a manmade or human influence. Each chapte...       more...

ISBN 9780955809200

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The Unathorized Biography of Sarah Palin
by Aladdin Elaasar

Award-winning author Aladdin Elaasar's latest; "BARRACUDA: The Unauthorized Biography of Sarah Palin" is a timely book that reveals how McCain's choice of 'the Barracuda', a.k.a. Sarah Palin, as his r...       more...

ISBN 9780615381107

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Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend

by Lisa J. Copen

Call me if you need anything. . ." Most of us have said this to someone with a chronic illness because we didn't know what else to say. We care, but how do we show it? Does a casserole really encourag...       more...

ISBN 9780971660069

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Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare

by Savely Yurkovsky, MD

Unique, compelling, provocative, self-empowering, and timely!

Anthrax, smallpox, chemical weapons, SARS or nuclear disaster? This author says "No sweat," whether the conventional medical va...       more...

ISBN 9780972634601

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Book Of Common Sense for a Successful Life, The

Financial, Social, Spiritual
by D.L. Dennis

Most self-help books written on "how to be successful" discuss only the financial concept of success. This book give the tools and rules for being successful not only financially, but also socially an...       more...

ISBN 9781937089313

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For Stars and Stripes

American-Arabs in the U.S. Military
by Aladdin Elaasar

"This book should be required reading for students of history and military students in general. It is an important and valuable document of American history as to the contributions of Americans of Ara...       more...

ISBN 9781453633816

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Having Your Way With The Police

by Edward S. Brown III

By understanding the inner workings of the police, you can better handle situations no matter what your race, religion or sexual orientation. This book includes: How can I get out of a ticket? Racial ...       more...


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New York City Bum

A New Age Journey Through the Sewers of Paradise Ten Years On the Streets of New York City
by David Boglioli

David "Hip City" Boglioli, turns his talent to avant-garde literature, with all the passion and ingenuity that has heretofore colored his art.

Faced with disillusionment and disenchantment...       more...

ISBN 9780986047602

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Now Is Too Late2

by Gerald R. Baron

Now your reputation can be attacked by anyone, anywhere, at any time, day or night, and if you try to fight 21st-century battles with 20th-century tactics, you’re dead. It’s a new “post-media” world. ...       more...

ISBN 9780615132037

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O Amazonas Escuro

by Eugene K. Garber

An anthropologist tries to maintain a tenuous connection to an exotic Amazon culture despite the encroachment of adventures, evangelists, artists, filmmakers, and philosophers....       more...

ISBN 9780974428888

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On Our Doorstep

Addressing The Terrorist Threat at it's Generative Source
by J. Patrick Griffin, Jr.

This book presents a bold and workable formula for dismantling the mental resolve of Islamic warriors who have embraced the doctrine that asymmetrical warfare will bring America to its knees....       more...

ISBN 9780974975832

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One Person, One Vote

How Changing our Voting System Will Get Us Out of the Mess We're In
by W.R. Wilkerson III

Washington politicians aren't even trying to fix the mess this country is in. No matter which party they're from, all they care about is themselves—obviously, the only way to fix this country is to do...       more...

ISBN 9781934499009

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Rendezvous with the New World Order

by Adrian H. Krieg

Rendezvous is the premise that there exists a multi-faceted conspiracy withing Western society. Those who disagree with this fact should consider if they plan their own lives, or if their employer has...       more...

ISBN 9780982496398

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Silent Victims

Arab and Muslim Americans Post 9/11
by Aladdin Elaasar

To many Arab and Muslim Americans (about three million Arab-Americans and seven million Muslim-Americans), 9-11 represented a turning point in how America is struggling to accept them as a community w...       more...

ISBN 9781453633441

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Silent Voices

People with Mental Disorders on the Street
by Robert L. Okin, MD

We avert our eyes when we meet them on the street: homeless mentally ill people with their hand-scrawled signs, shopping carts, and cardboard boxes. Because of our fear and revulsion, we fail to see a...       more...

ISBN 9780996077705

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The Outrageous Rubenstein

How a Media-Savvy Trial Lawyer Fights for Justice and Change
by Sanford Rubenstein, ESQ. with Royce Flippin

When it comes to making our world a safer, fairer place, civil lawsuits are a powerful force for change. Over the past 37 years, Brooklyn super-attorney Sanford "Sandy" Rubenstein has pursued justice...       more...

ISBN 9780615308371

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Third Chair, The

by Bruce Nortell

From El Nono to radical feminism chic, a new book -- The Third Chair -- runs the contemporary pop culture gamut of newspeak, while providing a serious literary review of the failure of the professions...       more...

ISBN 9780967481210

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Trading Away Our Future

How to Fix Our Government-Driven Trade Deficits and Faulty Tax System Before it's Too Late
by Raymond L. Richman, Howard B. Richman & Jesse T. Richman

We are Trading Away Our Future and most economists have been caught with their heads in the sand. They think that the trade deficits are the result of free market forces. But the trade deficits are ca...       more...

ISBN 9780929446059

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We the People of Colors

For sale to the Lowest Bidder
by L.E. Coleman

As the country remains polarized over what to do about immigration, the outsourcing of American jobs, and an education system that has gone awry, L.E. Coleman openly discusses many of these issues in ...       more...

ISBN 9780979064456

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