Astronomy 8th Edition

A Self-Teaching Guide
by Dinah L. Moche

Discover the wonders of the night sky with this bestselling Astronomy Guide

For a generation, Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to t...       more...

ISBN 9781620459904

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Astronomy for the Layman

by Carl Zimmerling

This book is an introduction to basic sciences with emphasis on astronomy, designed specifically for the layman. Topics covered include: a critical look at major religions and their prophecies; what r...       more...

ISBN 9781568250267

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Astronomy Today - softcover

by Dr. Dinah Moche

From the Random House Library of Knowledge comes a brand-new edition of the backlist favorite Astronomy Today. With a totally updated text, additional photos, and a fresh new cover, this beautiful, ba...       more...

ISBN 9780394844237

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Do Proteins Teleport in an RNA World?

by Richard Llewellyn Lewis, PHD, BSC

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Global Warming False Alarm

The Bad Science Behind the United Nations' Assertion that Man-Made CO2 causes Global Warming
by Ralph B. Alexander

Have you ever wondered why so many people believe recent climate change is almost entirely the result of human activity, even when there's plenty of evidence to the contrary? It's because the UN's Int...       more...

ISBN 9780984098903

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by Stuart Pivar

The animal and plant body is formed by the direct enlargement of the membrane which encloses the egg cell, shaped by an ingrained, self organized pattern....       more...

ISBN 9780976406006

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From Egg to Embryo by Self-Organization
by Stuart Pivar


In the foreword to the new book by Stuart Pivar, LIFECODE, From Egg to Embryo by Self-Organiza...       more...

ISBN 9780976406099

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Next Evolution, The

A Blueprint for Transforming the Planet
by Jack Reed

As we know, the world faces many challenges at the close of the millennium. These problems are now so severe and so interconnected that to try to solve any one of them within our present model of livi...       more...

ISBN 9780974016108

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by Gladys Lobos

Numbers have been at the root of all the technological and scientific discoveries of Mankind, but the science of Numerology helps us to uncover the incredible and unusual role that they play in our ow...       more...


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Relating to Ancient Culture and the mysterious agent changing it

by Gary W. Wietgrefe

What causes cultural change? What will be some consequences of current societal practices? These and other subjects are explored by Gary Wietgrefe (pronounced wit grif) in Relating to Ancient Culture ...       more...

ISBN 9780999224908

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Relating to Ancient Learning as it influences the 21st Century

by Gary W. Wietgrefe

An engaging sequel to Relating to Ancient Culture is Wietgrefe's (pronounced wit grif) thought-provoking Relating to Ancient Learning As it Influences the 21st Century. Topics include:

Expe...       more...

ISBN 9780999224939

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Relativity Unraveled

A Question of Time
by Hans J. Zweig

This book presents counterexamples for both Special Relativity and General Relativity Theory. It supports these examples by examining the fallacies and contradictions in Einstein's arguments. it then ...       more...

ISBN 9783980737845

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Stimulus Driven Brain, The

The Essential Guide for the ADD/ADHD College Student
by George H. Glade, M.C., M.N., ARNP

College students with ADD/ADHD don't fail because they lack the intellectual horsepower. This book is about putting all of the horses in the same harness. You will learn the nuts and bolts of not ju...       more...

ISBN 9780984342006

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