A Better Look

by Tamra Simmons

A Better Look” is an inspirational and motivational book for women and young ladies written by a woman. “A Better Look” is scriptural and practical. It is easy to carry, and it has worksheets after ea...       more...

ISBN 9780982715154

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A Boy, A Chicken & The Lion of Judah

How Ari Became a Vegetarian
by Roberta Kalechofsky

Ari lives on a Moshav in the Negev Desert, an exciting place where a world famous migration of birds takes place-500 million birds of 200 different species-fly across each spring and autumn.


ISBN 9780916288587

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A Disciple's Journal

In the Company of Swami Ashokananda
by Sister Gargi

This is Sister Gargi's personal account of her spiritual training over two decades by Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969), the illustrious spiritual teacher of the Ramakrishna Order who headed the Vedanta S...       more...

ISBN 9780970636829

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A Heart Poured Out

A Story of Swami Ashokananda
by Sister Gargi

This popular book is now available in its first paperback edition. A Heart Poured Out is the fascinating biography of Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969), an illustrious teacher of the Ramakrishna Order who...       more...

ISBN 9780970636843

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A Heart Poured Out

A Story of Swami Ashokananda
by Sister Gargi

This popular book is now available in its first paperback edition. A Heart Poured Out is the fascinating biography of Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969), an illustrious teacher of the Ramakrishna Order who...       more...

ISBN 9780970636812

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by Cathy Clay

Agatta Lugar arrived at No. 51 Dauphine Street Madam Zuline Clovis's Bordello, in 1884 on Valentine's Day; she was fourteen years old. Since then three years had passed and she had become one of Clov...       more...

ISBN 9780976135203

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America is Mystery Babylon

Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of the Earth
by Steven E. Stillwell

Prophecy is a popular topic, and many books have been written on the subject, but most of the authors are missing some very important facts. Using the Biblical text as a reference point, I'll fill in ...       more...

ISBN 9781944163037

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Bossed Up

100 Truths To Becoming Your Own Boss, God's Way!
by Tamar Huggins

Bossed Up is the indispensable owner's manual to spearheading your potential and becoming your own boss, the way God intended. Bossed Up was created as a guide to help you work through the inevitable ...       more...

ISBN 9780995212015

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Centred in Truth 2 vol. set

The Story of Swami Nitya-Swarup-Ananda
by Shelley Brown

This is the first major work about Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda (1899-1992)-the visionary monk of the Ramakrishna Order who created the UNESCO-acclaimed Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Calcut...       more...

ISBN 9780970636805

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Comprehensive New Testament, The

by T.E. Clontz(Editor)
Illustrations by J. Clontz(Editor)

The Comprehensive New Testament only requires a sixth grade reading level and is the most accurate translation of the Nestle-Aland 27th edition Greek New Testament ever produced. The Nestle-Aland 27th...       more...

ISBN 9780977873715

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Cramming for the Finals

New Ways of Looking at Old Church Ideas
by William Aulenbach, MDiv, PhD

How can a fourth-century theology be relevant today? Is the Bible meant to be taken literally? Can Jesus be stripped of some of his titles? These are just a few of the questions that the author, a Pro...       more...

ISBN 9780998768939

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Dimensions of the Enneagram: Triad, Tradition, Transformation

by Thomas G. Isham

In Dimensions of the Enneagram: Triad, Tradition, Transformation, Thomas Garrett Isham addresses from a Christian standpoint the healing of besetting sins and fixations, the esoteric nature of the enn...       more...

ISBN 9780923568566

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Discovering the True Spirit of Christmas

Fifteen Minutes a Day to a Christ-Centered Christmas
by Karen Tripp, MS

It’s Christmas time…again?
Looking at the craziness of the coming Christmas Season can make you feel like something is missing. Has Christmas changed? What happened to the true Spirit of Christ...       more...

ISBN 9780980159158

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by Patrick Prill

Written for both a Jewish and Christian audience, it seeks to present the case that Jesus is the Messiah in a non aggressive, Jewish-friendly way. It also seeks to address many of the fundamental ques...       more...

ISBN 9780974208602

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Fifty Shades of Talmud

What the First Rabbis Had to Say About You-Know-What
by Maggie Anton

Amusing. Seductive. Stimulating. We're talking about the Talmud? That's right. Take fifty actual Talmudic discussions, mix in pithy sayings (appropriate and inappropriate) by luminaries from Mae West ...       more...

ISBN 9780976305064

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Glass Halo

Glass & Love: How Easily They Break
by Colleen Smith

Glass Halo is the luminous story of the intellectual, spiritual, and carnal relationship between a lapsed Catholic stained-glass artist and a charismatic but wayward Catholic priest. Together they co...       more...

ISBN 9780984428908

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God, Israel, & Shiloh

Returning to the Land
by David Rubin

"God, Israel, and Shiloh" is a gripping biblical and historical saga about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. After reading this book, you will gain a new understanding of both the religious an...       more...

ISBN 9780982906729

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Greater Inheritance, The

The true story of one Amish family's journey to the Truth
by Mary Schrock

Mary Schrock had grown up a devout insider in the cloistered world of the old Amish order. Strictly abiding by rules and regulations of the Amish Church, it would not be until light of God’s truth pie...       more...

ISBN 9781935298243

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I Could Have Been President

Contemporary Essays on a Wide Range of Subjects by a True Renaissance Man
by William L. Seavey

...       more...

ISBN 9780985419301

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Immortals, The

The Revelation of the Immortals, The Highest Rank of Great Church Love, to Blessed John
by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

The famous movement of the European Cathars, destroyed by the Roman inquisition in the Middle Ages, causes great interest today.
The outstanding thinker, blessed John, rehabilitates and compre...       more...

ISBN 9785982900869

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Islamic Tsunami, The

Israel and America in the Age of Obama
by David Rubin

Upon taking office, President Barack Obama pledged to change the dynamics of America’s adversarial relationship with the Islamic world. Just seven years earlier, the terrorist attacks on September 11 ...       more...

ISBN 9780982906705

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Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The Eternal Heart of Love: Volume One
by Jeshua Through Yael Powell

This is the first of a series of exciting books given directly from Jesus through mystic Yael Powell. These books chronicle the never-before-told personal story of Jesus' life on Earth -- his passiona...       more...

ISBN 9780972599177

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Jesus in All Four Seasons

Having Christ as Your Life Coach
by Dr. Dennis E. Hensley

Imagine Jesus involved in contemporary American culture! If you desire to excel in personal goal achievement and want to find how to live a successful Christian life, Jesus in All Four Seasons will he...       more...

ISBN 9780692437018

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Journaling Your Personal Walk with God

A Devotional Journal
by Sara A. Davis

This devotional journal is designed to enhance the reader’s study of God’s word. It will help cultivate a good habit to assist in spiritual development. It allows the reader to cherish the moments, re...       more...

ISBN 9780982715192

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Journey To The Cross

by Shane Cloonan

A fictional tale that takes readers on a journey from our Lord’s birth to his crucifixion told through the eyes of his unlikely friend, “the donkey”. Though written and illustrated for young readers, ...       more...

ISBN 9780692852408

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Judaism & Animal Issues

by Richard H. Schwartz

Judaism has one of the oldest and best developed legislative systems and tenets for protecting animals. The principle of tsa'ar ba'alei chayim is enshrined in Torah and Halacha. As the Encyclopedia Ju...       more...


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Judaism and Animal Rights

Classical & Contemporary Responses
by Roberta Kalechofsky

Articles by rabbis, doctors, veterinarians and activists about contemporary crisis in animal life.
"A rich meditation on...medicine and ethics from the perspectives of Jewish law." -Foreword

ISBN 9780916288358

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Keoni's Big Question

by Patti B. Ogden

A boy who seeks answers about God’s presence in everyday life, finds his friend held the key to his revelation all along. This gripping tale follows a pair of dear friends on a fishing trip that turns...       more...

ISBN 9780981678368

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King Solomon and the Universal Temple of Peace

by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

This book will seriously question your knowledge of the greatest prophet, sage, and messiah of ancient Israel, the legendary King Solomon.

The dramatic spiritual crisis and enlightenment f...       more...

ISBN 9780992701109

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Mission Possible - New Edition

Spritual Covering
by D.L. McCarragher

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stand in the gap for your mate’s soul.
This small book is a powerful tool for any woman who is married to a man who does not share her passion for ...       more...

ISBN 9780615303574

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Nazareth Jesus Knew, The

by Joel Kauffman

The Nazareth Jesus Knew is an intimate look at the home in the world of the Man who changed the world, in beautiful photos, and delightful text by writer, Joel Kauffmann. It developed out of a decade-...       more...

ISBN 9780977140718

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Nazareth Jesus Knew, The - DVD

A Television Series - Season 1

...       more...

ISBN 9781615845439

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New Gospel of Mary Magdalene

by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

Some people accept the indisputable authority of Tetraevangelion. Others add ancient apocrypha to it.

John of the Holy Grail, Cathar writer and spiritual leader, the author of four hundred...       more...

ISBN 9780992701130

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Rabbis & Vegetarianism

An Evolving Tradition
by Roberta Kalechofsky, editor

An anthology of 17 recent essays by rabbis from the major denominations of Orthodoxy, Conservatism, Reform and Reconstructionism on vegetarianism. Testifies to a revolution taking place in the traditi...       more...

ISBN 9780916288426

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Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes

A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits
by Mark Hunnemann

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" documents the explosive rise of interest in ghosts, and how this is affecting tens of millions of Americans concept of spirituality. Despite the fact that ghosts hav...       more...

ISBN 9781935586227

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Shafts of Light

Selected Teachings of Swami Ashokananda for Spiritual Practice
by Sister Gargi & Shelley Brown

This is a valuable new guide to the practice of Vedanta and inner yoga: a priceless collection of spiritual instructions from Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969) to his close American disciples. Vedanta's e...       more...

ISBN 9780970636836

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Song of God

Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai
by Azrael Ondi-Ahman

The Song of God is a new revealed book of scripture brought forth to guide, heal and empower all of humankind. Presented as a restoration and expansion of gnosis, this book offers radical insight rega...       more...

ISBN 9780981597010

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Sparks From Zion

by David Rubin

How can we understand the attention focused on the nation of Israel? As the free world struggles with the dilemma of how to combat ISIS and other manifestations of Islamic fundamentalism, Israel appea...       more...

ISBN 9780982906767

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Steps to Achieving God's Vision For Your Life!

by Kathy L Thomas

Stay on track in spite of the circumstances.

Have you ever wondered what God has in mind for you? That you might be losing out on His perfect plan? God has brought me out of severe heart ...       more...

ISBN 9781935298335

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The Pursuit of Righteousness

Understanding How Your Righteousness is by Faith
by Anita Singh

In The Pursuit of Righteousness, you will gain life-changing knowledge about righteousness and the important role it plays in your right standing with God through Jesus Christ.

Many Christi...       more...

ISBN 9780692294765

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The Selected Sermons of Dr. Roger Bourland

by Roger Bourland

Over his decades-long career as a preacher, Dr. Roger Bourland preached hundreds of sermons. He continually inspired his congregations and his eloquence and powerful, heartfelt messages led to his bei...       more...

ISBN 9781938686993

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Wisdon in the Morning

A Devotional for the Morning
by Dorothy R. Swygert

Live Peaceably on God's Earth

Love is the nexus of life. Let it flow.

the strength of the heart is the beauty of love. When love enraptures the heart, the spirit of the loving Go...       more...

ISBN 9780991230617

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