50 Questions You Need to Ask to Achieve The Financial Advisor Relationship You Deserve, The

by James R. Mounier

The 50 Questions You Need to Ask is designed to serve as an investor’s guide to achieving the financial success and advisory relationship he or she deserves. This concise book examines in straightforw...       more...

ISBN 9780978672704

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Crisis Investing and Entrepreneuring

10 Innovative Strategies to Help You Achieve Financial Success and Solvency in a Down Economy
by William L. Seavey

Announcing the imminent publication of a major new financial book, CRISIS INVESTING AND ENTREPRENEURING (How YOU Can Profit DESPITE the Great Recession of 2007-2010), the only comprehensive source of ...       more...

ISBN 9780615204444

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Debt is Slavery

by Michael Mihalik

Do you control your money or does money control you? Do you ever wake up in the morning and groan, I don't want to go to work today? Then you think about all the bills you have to pay, drag yourself o...       more...

ISBN 9780978545703

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Building Wealth - One Penny at a Time
by Calvin C. Barlow Jr.

Approximately, 61-million dollars go unclaimed in pennies, each year. However, for some people, saving is difficult. According to recent data, the average person saves, approximately $397.00 per year....       more...

ISBN 9780982715147

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In God We Trust, Dollars & Sense

by Frank Reed

There are many things that can hinder or devastate a person's dream. One of the most common but least talked about is debt!

What does the Bible say about money? This brand-new book provid...       more...

ISBN 9780976110842

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Investing Success

How To Conquer 30 Costly Mistakes & Multiply Your Wealth!
by Lynnette Khalfani

For the past few years, investors have blamed practically everyone for their financial losses—greedy corporate executives, Wall Street analysts, stockbrokers, accountants, and the media. But an insigh...       more...

ISBN 9781932450507

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Liberty Dollar Solution To the Federal Reserve 1998-2003

by Bernard von NotHaus

Liberty Dollar SOLUTION to the Federal Reserve was written to commemorate five successful years of the Liberty Dollar and to detail the economic, political, and moral foundations on which the Liberty ...       more...

ISBN 9780967102528

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Lifting the Burdens of Debt

A Helpful Guide to Getting Your Debts Paid and Your Life Back on Track
by Lisa Rogers-Cherry

Lifting the Burdens of Debt is a refreshing approach to attacking the daily issues of debt and credit issues. In Lifting The Burdens of Debt, Lisa Rogers-Cherry describes solutions to serious debt man...       more...

ISBN 9780977429608

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Secrets To Good Credit and Debt Reduction

A Consumer Self-Help Guide
by D. J. Williams

The Secrets to Good Credit and Debt Reduction shares mortgage banker D. J. Williams' formulas for securing or restoring good credit and gives you all the reasons why good credit is a must in today's s...       more...

ISBN 9780970303707

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Stop Sitting on Your Assets

How to safely leverage the equity trapped in your home and transform it into a constant flow of wealthand security.
by Marian Snow

How would you like to:

-Safely leverage and compound assets you didn't realize you had?
-Become your own bank and build family wealth?
-Pile up stock market gains, but never tak...       more...

ISBN 9780979014253

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