Amazing Things I Know About You

by Chris Karcher

With the gentle guidance and insight of Relationships of Grace, Amazing Things I Know About You reveals how to:

-Love yourself
-Understand the real reason you are of value
-Un...       more...

ISBN 9781932356526

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Baby Bible Board Books

by BBB Books

Baby Bible Board Books is a series of stories that cover events in the life of Jesus.

• Designed for newborns through 3 years.
• Filled with colorful, engaging pictures. more...

ISBN 9780972554640

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Building Strategic Relationships

by Daniel Rickett

The newly edited and updated 3rd Edition with new material — including the new chapter, “Finding a Partner” — is a 95-page paperback wrapped in a brand new cover.

Author Dr. Dan Rickett co...       more...

ISBN 9780971125858

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God's Heart : My Home

Ultimate Intimacy
by Kathleen Miller

The book, God's Heart: My Home, translates readers to an experience that depicts the essence of home. The story continues as the woman who visits God's house returns to the place she lives. From begin...       more...

ISBN 9780982943502

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God-Man, The

A Guide to Understanding the Godhead
by Robert Spearman

A Look at the Two Natures of Jesus the Christ Exploring His Absolute Deity & His Absolute Humanity. God and Man Working Together to Save Mankind.

...       more...

ISBN 9780976918806

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He Loved Them Until the End

by John Christopher Thomas

In this published form of the 1997 Staley Lectures delivered at Southeastern College in Lakeland Florida, John Christopher Thomas explores the Farewell Materials in the Gospel according to John. Follo...       more...

ISBN 9788188784011

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How Does God See Me?: Little Christian Series, Book 2

by Girmen Rashad, Illustrated by Amor David

Little Christian Series is created to teach little children about God's watchful eye over them in their daily lives. In return, children should be taught to follow God's footsteps and not care so muc...       more...

ISBN 9780981910000

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Journey to the Corss

by Shane Cloonan

A fictional tale that takes readers on a journey from our Lord’s birth to his crucifixion told through the eyes of his unlikely friend, “the donkey”. Though written and illustrated for young readers,...       more...

ISBN 9780692852392

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Journey To The Cross

by Shane Cloonan

A fictional tale that takes readers on a journey from our Lord’s birth to his crucifixion told through the eyes of his unlikely friend, “the donkey”. Though written and illustrated for young readers, ...       more...

ISBN 9780692852408

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Keoni's Big Question

by Patti B. Ogden

A boy who seeks answers about God’s presence in everyday life, finds his friend held the key to his revelation all along. This gripping tale follows a pair of dear friends on a fishing trip that turns...       more...

ISBN 9780981678368

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Mission Possible - New Edition

Spritual Covering
by D.L. McCarragher

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stand in the gap for your mate’s soul.
This small book is a powerful tool for any woman who is married to a man who does not share her passion for ...       more...

ISBN 9780615303574

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New Testament: Breakthrough Version

by Ray Geide

People assume that today’s Bible versions tell the same message as Bibles did hundreds of years ago. They don’t. The words are the same, but their meanings have changed. "Whoever believes in...       more...

ISBN 9780962801242

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The Pursuit of Righteousness

Understanding How Your Righteousness is by Faith
by Anita Singh

In The Pursuit of Righteousness, you will gain life-changing knowledge about righteousness and the important role it plays in your right standing with God through Jesus Christ.

Many Christi...       more...

ISBN 9780692294765

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Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct
by Matthew E. Narramore

Have you ever questioned the myriad of conflicting doctrines on the subject of tithing? Do you have solid scriptural answers to the barrage of teaching that constantly proclaims tithing to be God's p...       more...

ISBN 9780974552707

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Today I Found God

by Greg Long

Everyone has bad days, and kids are no exception. There are some days when things seem to go wrong from the moment you wake up. It’s easy to feel angry and ask God “Why?” but it’s not always easy t...       more...

ISBN 9781935268239

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Veil Will Be Lifted, The

An accurate chronology of future events -based solely on correlated prophecies- taken from scriptures in the Holy Bible
by John Wallace Carter

This is the most accurate book on Bible prophecy ever published. It shows readers the chronological order of significant future events based solely on Bible prophecy. Included are Judge Carter's five ...       more...

ISBN 9781892525956

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When Should I Pray?: Little Christian Series, Book 1

by Girmen Rashad, Illustrated by Mona Mikhail

Little Christian Series is created to teach children that God is always watching over us throughout the day.
Now it is our turn to learn how to communicate with God and thank Him for everything H...       more...

ISBN 9781427628213

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Worship As A Lifestyle

by Judith McAllister

In this 2008 offering, Dr. Judith McAllister - prophetic psalmist and Bible teacher- addresses the true meaning of worship “in spirit and truth.” McAllister explains how the daily pursuit of one’s Go...       more...

ISBN 9780979671708

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